Cab9’s workshare allows companies to build a competitive network of ground transport solutions across the UK, with Cab9’s dispatch software, which enables companies to easily increase customer satisfaction and add value to their business.

The workshare solution is quick and simple to set up, build a company profile and then search for companies to work with. Service levels are easy to view alongside pricing tools to ensure a sound business partnership.

Workshare allows companies to build a nationwide virtual fleet, which can be allocated bookings in two clicks of a mouse via the Cab9 dispatch screen. If a company wants more customers or needs to fill quiet times and increase bookings, then workshare is their answer.

Partner Discovery

The discovery section allows companies to search for potential partners based on their geographical location and profile data. The section is divided into three areas, an interactive map, partner cards - offering a company overview and a search bar. All of these can be filtered by driver numbers, service offering and driver numbers to allow a company to research at a granular level if required.

The discovery section allows companies to search for potential partners based on their geographical location and profile data.

Once a company has narrowed down their search criteria, they can click on a company card to access that particular company's full profile and use this data to form a decision on whether to reach out to form a partnership or not.

If a company decides they want to form a partnership, they simply need to click a button and a request will be automatically sent from the system inviting them to collaborate.

Workshare Profile Setup

This section provides a company the opportunity to sell themselves to other potential Cab9 partners. There is an element of free text to describe the company and the service they offer, as well as typical contact information and a document repository.

1. Create a Company profile

This area allows you to promote your company to other potential partners using Cab9. There is an area to add a full company description, which should be used to explain the business model, history and service level. There are also fields for social media links and department contacts (finance, service and general). Most importantly, you can share your local authority licensing details in this section.

2. Live Drivers

This section allows you to either show or hide live drivers to prospective partners on your page. Only companies who opt-in to this feature will be able to view live drivers and will also have their own drivers shared with other prospective partners. This will help partners make a more informed choice when choosing to partner with each other.

3. Coverage Areas

Coverage areas are the geographical locations you have selected to receive workshare bookings. There can be one or multiple areas.

4. Service Level

This section allows you to map your company vehicle types with a system wide “preset” service offering. Any partner you work with will be shown these service levels.

Partner Requests

There is a section within Cab9 that allows partners to keep a log of all partner requests, both inbound and outbound, which are stored within this area until either acceptance on decline.


During the entire process, Cab9 Workshare allows all partners to view the booking progress, ensuring satisfaction and reassurance to all concerned. It is important to note, all text and email messages to the end client will show from the originating company, prompting client loyalty.

Cab9 is a powerful dispatch system with fully featured driver and passenger apps that seamlessly integrate with your workflow. Configure the system to suit your business needs and let Cab9 take care of the rest.